Examples of different features
Postclick Tracking (sales beacon)

In addition to impressions and clicks which are counted for almost any campaign booked in HELIOS IQ, it may also be tracked what
happens after the click (postclick tracking).With HELIOS IQ, ADTECH supports two kinds of postclick tracking: The tracking of
transactions and users.
When tracking transactions (sales tracking), it is traced whether users that saw a banner or clicked on a banner after having
seen it, conduct an action on the target website (e.g. purchase an item in a shop or register for a newsletter). To do so, an
additional tracking tag is implemented on a page the users that actually purchased an item land on (e.g. the confirmation page
which opens after the purchase or the registration).
With the user tracking, it can be measured which section of the target website was visited most often and which section attracted less
attention. To do so, an additional tracking tag is implemented on each page. User tracking may be used in addition to the sales tracking.
Both kinds of tracking are based on cookies. When delivering the banner, the ADTECH system saves a cookie once with a unique user ID
on the user’s computer. With this user ID, ADTECH identifies which user saw/clicked a campaign and later “saw” a tracking tag on the
target page.

For more details please contact your ADTECH CS contact person.

Network: 25.15
ADID: 2466950

Click here to activate postclick tracking and click the Postclick banner to get a click tracking. If you do not click the banner and go back to this site you get a view tracking. Afterwards, you can do the test order. Note: The beacon cannot count if you don't see or click the Postclick banner
Click here to do a test order.

User tracking tag is implemented.